“Just a big thank you to Barb, Bob, Ed & Eddie.  Blue Dot is up and operational and now well informed. And a special thanks to Ed for coaching me thru DNS the other day; Bob explained why I had the problem I had and I think I actually understand it…Glad to have you all watching our backs.” – Karri H., Blue Dot Glass



“Thank you to you and your team for helping us out of a predicament…and stressful situation. I also want to send a big shout out and thank you to Justin. He was terrific!  He is knowledgeable, and he was also patient and friendly to us not so savvy users. He had no trouble explaining what he did, or what he was doing, I appreciate that more than you know. Thanks again.”  – Debbie T., Bocra Industries



“Thank you for your prompt service.  Joe and Justin were wonderful!”  – Carolyn A., R & T Electric, Inc.



“Thank you Barbara.  I appreciate the great service and quality product I receive from Cocci!!”  – Linda S., CPA




“I want to thank you for all you have done to get me back up and working.  I appreciate it very much.”  – Suzanne, Kathleen Sternenberg Law Office




“A big thank you to Joe P. for finding the e-mail and the attachment.  I am most grateful. When the job needs to be done, who you gonna call?  Coccibusters that’s who.” – Judy M., McDowell & Osburn, P.A.




“Joe was extremely helpful and was able to fix all issues. It was a real pleasure watching him work.  Thank you for coming to my rescue.”  – Thomas D., Barlo Signs



“Thank you to Barbara Cocci and Cocci Computer Services Inc for their help in getting our office up and running so quickly and seamlessly. We couldn’t have done it without you!” – John K.



“I have known these folks since their beginning. There is no one better or more dedicated to fulfilling your needs in New England. Their skill and knowledge exceeds any other companies I have ever worked with.” – Robin B.



“[Cocci’s] prompt and knowledgeable staff got all of our computers up and running on opening day.” – KPMB Enterprises, LLC



“The staff at Cocci has in-depth knowledge of our needs from server to PC configuration, and they are always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.” – Morin’s Landscaping



“Cocci proved its value by rescuing us when our Exchange Server crashed and needed to be replaced and rebuilt. It happened at a time when the company was between IT managers and had no Exchange-experienced people available to handle the problem.” – Barlo Signs International



“Cocci’s server monitoring service is excellent, and lets us know any time there’s a problem—even if our own IT staff are not in the facility.” – Barlo Signs International



“I cannot tell you how impressed I was with how [Cocci] w[as] able to replace all computers, routers and peripherals during that day and transfer all software from each computer with very little downtime for my staff. The technician was extremely knowledgeable about this process but was also aware of many of the potential issues with my specific insurance software. Everything went off without a hitch! “ – Paige Agency



“I would recommend Cocci Computer without hesitation for all your computer needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and efficient while also coming across as a small and caring small business. The best of all worlds.” – Paige Agency