Our Managed Services allow you to concentrate on running your business while we manage your IT needs. GSC IT Solutions offers a variety of monthly support programs geared to help you improve efficiency and reduce computer downtime.

To determine which of our programs best fits your business’s unique needs, we’ll meet with you to analyze your current technology setup. We’ll provide recommendations on support, budgets, technology investments and cost savings.

  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Dedicated & Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Mobile Device Management

Our Proactive Network Monitoring solution helps avoid problems before they arise. We understand that no matter how reliable your equipment is, things can and do go wrong. We monitor and manage your computer equipment 24/7/365 days using an integrated technology platform that is used worldwide by many leading organizations. Should you have a problem, we’re alerted and act immediately to fix the problem to avoid expensive downtime.

A comprehensive Data Protection and Disaster Recovery strategy is essential to protecting your company from lost business, expensive recovery fees and possible legal fees. With our Off-Site Backup Solution, your data is encrypted using 3DES 192 bit encryption and sent to our secure data centers. The integrity of your data is verified daily by our technical staff. Should you accidentally delete a file, it can be retrieved quickly using your dedicated console. If you sustain a catastrophic event such as a flood or fire our Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) appliance can have you back up and running in a short period of time. If your server fails, a new BDR is sent to you overnight with all of your data. Once you have a new server, we bring all the applications and data over to the server with no loss of data and limited downtime.

Our Cloud Services can eliminate the hassle and expense of maintaining your own equipment, applications, and software. Our high quality, scalable network offers all the cloud hosted services your business needs. You can easily add or subtract users as needed, access information from anywhere and pay a monthly subscription fee or a pay-per-use fee that fits your budget.

Our customized Hosting Solutions can significantly improve both operational efficiency and profitability for your business. We offer right-sized solutions based on the complexity of your business needs with a 100% Uptime Guarantee that means your website and applications are always up and running. We offer live 24/7/365 U.S.-based support and three SSAE 16 data centers (Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Ashburn, VA) to ensure you are always operating at maximum performance.

Our Mobile Device Management solutions give your employees secure access to email and data from their mobile devices without putting company data at risk. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are essential tools for running your business. We will secure your mobile devices and deploy anti-malware and web protection. We can also monitor and manage your devises remotely.

Hosted VoIP Service Terms & Conditions