Introduction of Barracuda Networks Products for Complimentary O365 Services

July 24th, 2019 by GSC IT Solutions

As the adoption and deployment of Office 365 continues to grow exponentially within the industry, there has always been a growing concern whether a cloud-based solution can offer comparable features to a premise-based email server, or hosted email solution.  While the O365 subscription model and products are certainly the direction the industry is moving, consumers should be aware that moving to a cloud solution like O365 does have some weaknesses that can’t be overlooked.  As part of our Microsoft O365 product offerings,GSC IT Solutions has added the Barracuda Networks product suite to provide critical security and cloud backup services specifically designed for the O365 products.  The Barracuda products are a significant complement to the O365 services, and provide more robust email security solution that includes SPAM filter, and mitigation of zero-day threats.  The Barracuda products also allow business to meet the stringent needs for compliance with robust archiving, and encryption tools.  Along with email security, archiving and encryption, the Barracuda services provide an unlimited cloud-to-cloud backup that allows clients to protect their critical Exchange email, OneDrive, and SharePoint data.

GSC IT Solutions recommends every customer consider the benefits of O365 as they look to replace outdated premise or hosted Exchange email solutions & MS Office licensing, but should always consider complimentary products such as the Barracuda solutions to provide the needed protection, compliance, and retention of critical data.

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